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What youth gain from YAC ?

Bellow you'll find some information that what youth can gain from cooperation, joining or contributing to Youth Activism Center
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By joining or cooperating with YAC, youth will be part of youth volunteers, where they will contribute in the growth of active citizenship by different activities.

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By commitment with YAC, youth will benefit different experiences from commitment in different activities and participating different projects, which will serve them in their carrier.

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As a part of YAC, youth will be able to participate in various training courses and conferences that hold in Kosovo or in European countries, which are from various topics and professions.

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By cooperation with YAC, by being developed in professional and social aspect, by having good experience and management you’ll be able and capable in labor market.

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Youth Activism Center is an independent youth organization that acts in every field of youth purposely to develop the country of Republic of Kosovo by forcing new generates in rising professional capacity.

YAC aims to notify people for current situation in different field of life through self-governing campaigns, monitoring and publishing.

The aims of YAC are: rising the capacity of right thinking of society, developing public politics and establishing mechanism through activities to develop the country by conscience. The target of YAC is to promote the participation of youth and to coordinate their representation in governing institutions that are relevant with youth.

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